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Here are links to some other sites you may find useful.

Flodden Edge Farm Riding and Driving Center
We have a variety of well-schooled horses and ponies to match all riders and drivers.  From ponies to heavy hunters and also light sports horses

Active 4 Seasons
A high quality coaching, guiding and expedition service (in a wide range of activities) to individuals, small groups of adults and families, school and youth groups (AALS number L10134/R203).Canoeing, Kyaking, biking, climbing etc.

Purple Aviation
Experience the thrill of flight, safe in the hands of our experienced flight instructors.

Borders (Milfield) Gliding Club
Experience gliding with one of our qualified instructors who will take you soaring in one of our modern gliders.

Northumberland Photo Training
Teaching the art of natural photography.

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