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One of the most popular search criteria for UK staycations is for pet-friendly holidays. The increase in pet ownership is taking effect on UK holidays, with 35% of 2022 bookings including a dog, compared to 33% of bookings in 2021.

Holiday let owners can maximise their rental income by allowing pets, with pet-friendly properties earning up to 11% more than those that don’t.

We’ve rounded up our top 6 ways to make your holiday let pet-friendly below, read on to find out more.

Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture

It’s important to consider that pets do shed fur and have sharp claws. When furnishing your property keep this in mind and choose materials that are resilient, hard-wearing, and easy to clean. Consider washable sofa covers, throws, and blankets to protect your cushions, and pick colours that won’t show marks easily.

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Eliminate Odours

One of the main reasons that owners can be hesitant to open their doors to pets is the odours that come with them.  You can find pet-friendly fabric fresheners and sprays to ensure your property always smells as fresh as a daisy.

Secure your Garden and Outdoor Areas

If your property has a garden or any outdoor space, make sure it’s safe and secure. Many dog owners will appreciate a space to let their pet run about and let off some steam. Consider putting up fences, securing gates and patching up any holes in hedges.

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Hard Flooring vs Carpet

Hard flooring is a must in a pet-friendly property! We would recommend that you avoid laying carpets in any areas of your property where pets will be allowed as they can easily get damaged by clawing and chewing and they’re much harder to clean. Carpets can also attract fur, making it difficult to clean efficiently on changeover days. Hard flooring, such as vinyl, is much easier to maintain and is less likely to get damaged.

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Lock Up Your Cupboards

If you keep cleaning materials at your property, it goes without saying that these can be harmful to pets and should be locked safely away in a pet-friendly property. You may also want to consider lockable kitchen cupboards as a lot of food can be toxic to dogs and guests may want to make sure these are safely out of the way.

Keep Boredom at Bay

Pets can become easily bored. By providing a selection of dog toys, treats and chews you will greatly minimise the risk of damage to your furnishings. Plus, it will help our four-legged friends to settle in better and have an enjoyable holiday. Many of our guests consider their pets as an extended family member so you’ll likely win some bonus points for with them too!

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