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Naming your holiday home can be a challenging task. You want your property to be unique and memorable, but at the same time, it should be effortless to recall and sound attractive to potential guests. To help you find inspiration and choose the perfect name for your property, we have created a useful guide on how to name your holiday cottage.

1. It’s all about location

When naming your holiday cottage, start by considering the physical location. Take note of nearby landmarks, views, and local points of interest. Examples like Cheviot Barn, Two Castles, or Island View, you could even name your cottage after the nearest tourist spot such as The Beach House Beadnell or Farne Lookout

Luxury detached coastal house

The Waves (Ref. 1130502)

2. Local areas

Northumberland is known for it’s amazing coastline, so a great way to stand out if your property is located near the sea would be to use words incorpoating the ocean, such as sea, beach, porthole, anchor, boathouse. Think about local wildlife too that could be seen from the property – ideas include Puffin View, Seal Cottage, or Roe Deer 

Contemporary family holiday cottage

Muscle Shoals (Ref. 1122064)

Something else to explore would be any famous people or celebrities linked to an area near to your cottage, i.e the famous Harry Potter series, Hogwarts School of Wizardry was filmed at Alnwick Castle. Consider one of the main attractions in Northumberland, the largest historical Roman landmark – Hadrians Wall, which stretches across the county.

You could also take inspiration from the many famous films which have been filmed at various locations around the county from castles to beaches, the likes of Downton Abbey, Robin Hood, Indiana Jones and Atonement.

3. What’s the history?

If you’re struggling to come up with a name for your holiday cottage, why not take a moment to dive into the history of the building? For instance, if the property is an older listed building, you may find dates carved into the stonework which can give you some useful information. Additionally, you can also look at local archives either online or in the library to discover more details. Some of our existing historical properties include The Old Smithy (as the name suggests!), Salty Dog and Partan Cottage

Characterful luxury cottage for two

Thimble (Ref. 1122021)

4. Make it personal

Personal links to the property are a great way to come up with a unique name for your holiday cottage. Why not use your family name if the property has been passed down through generations? Or you could name your holiday cottage after a loved one – ideas could be Malcolm Miller House, St Julians or Martins Cottage

Traditional fishermans cottage

Marie’s Cottage (Ref. 1122108)

5. Be original

When deciding on a name for your holiday cottage, it’s essential to keep it unique and creative. While it may seem obvious to name your property based on its surroundings, such as Sea View or Sea Breeze if you’re near the ocean, try to avoid common names and brainstorm more imaginative options. By doing so, you’ll be able to stand out from the rest and make your cottage more memorable to potential guests. A good idea is to research the names of other holiday homes nearby and try to steer clear of using anything too similar. Some of our more unusual names include Sans Souci, Pipistrelle, Lindores to name a few.

Contemporary apartment

Cuddy’s Holm (Ref. 1121930)

We hope this given you some inspiration to find that perfect name!

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